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  3. 7 Ways to be Great


    1. Be gentle and kind

    2. Show respect to everyone you meet (whether you think they deserve it or not)

    3. Pay attention to the little things (often that makes you stand out from the crowd)

    4. Do everything wholeheartedly, with passion and love

    5. Be flexible, adaptable, and open to change

    6. Don’t complicate your life with lots of oughts, musts and shoulds

    7. Encourage other people to be all that they can be.

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    What Kills Us? How We Understand Risk

    One of the things that baffles me about people is how they completely misunderstand risk. Lots of my friends panic about things that have no real chance of killing them, but ignore the things that will. This can lead us to make irrational decisions, and sometimes irrational policy. What really will kill us? Watch and learn.

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    Yes Virginia: there is a real Tim & Eric guy.

    The 10 Most Brilliant Comedy Gems Hiding on YouTube (Pt. 8)

    #10. Crazy Licking Guy

    Let me just say that I hate the sound of someone smacking their lips when they eat, but as far as I can tell, this guy is some sort of taste tester for some company. That being said, the lip smacking is actually why I laughed so much at this video. The person who made it not only focused on it, but made dozens of picture-in-picture overlays of his mouth licking and smacking all over the damn place. What would have otherwise been an annoying clip of a man taunting you to punch him in his stupid lick-smacker metamorphoses into a brilliant, nightmarish lick frenzy of comedy.

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Working the pole.


    Working the pole.

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#that’s it #that’s their relationship



    #that’s it #that’s their relationship

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Oh, just five amazing bacon pizza recipes. 
That’s all. 


    Oh, just five amazing bacon pizza recipes.

    That’s all.


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